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Students will have one-on-one consultations with the instructor in the development of driving techniques. Our main project requires 30 hours of driving behind the wheel with a combination of hours from the driving school, your parents, or someone who has driven a valid license for a minimum of 4 years. Thirty hours of practice in the car is what is needed to improve your motor skill level to pass the driving test on your first try. If you are a minor, you need your parents’ participation to reach your goal of 30 hours of driving practice.

Each candidate MUST have a valid learning permit from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) before taking lessons. A vision test is the responsibility of the student. Minors ages 16-17 require no less than 50 hours of certified driving lessons signed by their parents or guardians, on the day of the road test. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS!


We accept all major credit and debit cards. ALL PAYMENTS MUST BE MADE ONLINE AND IN FULL. CASH WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. If a problem occurs with processing the payment we will notify the student and a different payment method will have to be provided. All credit and deposits expire within one year after purchase unless the lessons are still in progress.


Within 24 hours of purchasing any of our services, you are responsible for contacting the school at (718) 600-6563. There is NO REFUND for sudden cancellations or for not being present for your driving lessons or road test.


If you have to cancel or reschedule a lesson, you are required to give us a call 72 hours in advance. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS!


  1. Learning Basic Car Control Street Smarts
  2. Signs, Signals, and Pavement Markings Signs: Are You Reading Me?
  3. Basic Car Maneuvers: The Art of Driving
  4. Natural Laws & Car Control Natural Laws 5. The IPDE Process
  5. Intersections / City Driving: Sharing the Road
  6. Highway / Expressway / Freeway Driving
  7. Adverse Conditions: Driving in Bad Conditions
  8. Handling Emergencies: The Road
  9. Alcohol, Drugs, & Driving: 48 Hours or Aftermath


Parental Consent Form (Notarized)


Parental Consent Form (Notarized)

Application Signed with Parent’s Signature & Driver’s License #

*Foreign students residing in the U.S. MUST provide a passport and I-94 or Green Card in place of a Birth Certificate*

**A test can ONLY be scheduled when COMPLETE paperwork is submitted**


Our weather-related cancellation policy has been established to ensure the safety of our students, instructors, and the motoring public.  We cancel classroom sessions separately from scheduled behind-the-wheel lessons.  All class session cancellations are broadcast on WFSB Channel 3, WTNH Channel 8, and NBC 30.  On-the-road driving lessons are canceled on an individual basis by a telephone counselor at our institution.  Should a student have a question in regard to an in-car driving lesson please call: (718) 600-6563.

Pre-licensing Course Completion Certificate Policy.


• Students must be present 10 minutes before the start of the class and the instructor will grant access to the student so that he/she can attend the class.
• Students must be present on video. If discovered by the instructor that you are on audio, the student will be kicked out of the class, and no certificate and no refund will be issued to the student.
• If you try to join the class 20 minutes after, will not be granted access by the instructor and a certificate will not be issued to you as well as a refund will not be issued to you.
• Roll calls will be conducted before the start of the class and after the break.
• After the break the student must make sure to be present in class till the end. If in case you leave the class before closing time, a certificate will not be issued to you, and as well as a refund will not be issued to you.
Students should be on video with a natural background. No artificial effects or background will be accepted. Failure to do that will result in the student being kicked out of the class and as a result of that, a refund and a certificate will not be issued to the student.


24 to 72 hours for any type of cancellation. After 24 hours of purchasing any of the online driver’s packages, contact the school office to begin the classes. When you pay by check or money order you have to wait for your payment method to be cleared before you start driving lessons. There is no refund for sudden cancellations or for not presenting to your driving lessons or road test.

There is a service fee for all refunds (from $ 45.00 to $ 100.00 depending on the service).

Notice to all customer

There will be NO refund for credit card purchases made through PayPal after 5 business days of purchase. 

Alpha and Omega Driving School and Training Agreement Declaration (2 parties)

“I, Mr. ______ or Ms./Mrs. ___________ , is under full understanding and agreement that upon the purchase of any service from Alpha and Omega School Driving and Training’s website, that Alpha and Omega Driving School and Training is NOT responsible if I fail to carefully and thoroughly read the school’s policy.”


Alpha and Omega Driving School and Training does not engage in the selling, sharing or trading of information for any of our customer’s personal information with third parties. We value the privacy of each of our customers and vow that your information will remain secure and confidential at all times.

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